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Landscape Lighting 

Gossel Landscape (19).jpg

Landscape Lighting is an important thing to consider when designing your Outdoor Living space.

Adding lighting to your landscape can provide many benefits:

Set the Mood: Lighting can help to create a relaxing mood to help you unwind when you get home from work after a long day. 

More Usable Time: By adding Landscape Lighting you are giving yourself more usable time in your Outdoor living space. Often times these spaces are a significant investment to you the homeowner and you want to make the most of your investment. 

Illumination of a Focal Point: A good landscape design has focal points scattered throughout. And we want to use the Landscape Lighting to help accent those unique elements. Whether it's a large tree, a structure such as a pergola, a water feature or feature plant.

Added Safety: to your space by illuminating steps, walkways and other trip hazards.

Added Security: It is a known fact that a well lit home is a deterrent to any prowlers or potential bunglers

Landscape Lighting has come a long way since the invention of Led technology. It has reduced the power usage of a lighting system, which makes it more economical. It also allows the Led bulbs to last 50,000 to 100,000 hrs. which is far superior to traditional halogen lighting. Lighting fixtures hav also improved vastly, not only do they offer many more options. They are much more durable which helps them to stay looking like new, even with the extreme weather that we get in Buffalo and throughout the rest of Western New York.

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