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Hardscape Maintenance

Even though pavers are the longest lasting paving surface on the market it does not mean that they are maintenance free. And as a Unilock Authorized Contractor and a Techniseal Certified Applicator we have the knowledge and experience to properly maintain your outdoor living space. 


And typically after several years pavers typically need a through cleaning, the joints need to be re-sanded in order to continue preventing weeds, and sealing in order to keep the patio looking brand new. 


     The process includes pressure washing of the patio and all hardscape surfaces such as steps, retaining walls, and paver patios. And any necessary spot cleaning such as removal of grease, oil, ketchup, mustard or any other such stains with cleaning detergents. If there is a heavy moss or fungus build up that will also be removed and if necessary treated with a cleaning agent. 

After the surface has throughly dried, polymeric sand will be swept into the joints and then it sealed with a paver sealer. There are three options when it comes to paver sealer, Matte, Semi-Gloss, and Gloss. And if your patio develops a lot of moss because it is in a shaded area we can apply a sealer to help prevent future growth.


This paver maintenance needs to be done roughly every five to eight years in order to keep your patio looking its best. Though maintenance on your patio shouldn’t be done very five to eight years. There are many very easy and simple ways to help keep your patio in pristine condition. Such as keeping leaves, grass clippings and other organic materials either swept or blown off. Not allowing rugs, doormats, or patio furniture to sit and retain constant moisture underneath which de-grades the jointing sand quickly. 


If you have any questions or if you would like us to take a look at your outdoor living space and recommend what cleaning and maintenance your patio could use. Please feel free to reach out to us. 

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