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Property Maintenance


Our lawn care services consists of weekly grass cutting, string trimming, and power edging along the driveway and walkways.  We pride ourselves in using quality equipment to deliver a quality mowing job.


The landscape maintenance aspect of Gossel Lawn & Landscape is so much more than just lawn mowing and trimming.  We offer complete landscape bed maintenance from weeding, edging, mulching, and ornamental tree and shrub trimming.  We can combine both the weekly grass cutting and shrub bed weeding to keep your lawn and landscape beds looking good.  Call us for a landscape package that fits both your needs and budget.


Two more services that we offer only in the spring and fall is lawn aeration and spring and fall cleanups.  The lawn aeration will pull small plugs from your lawn to relieve compacted soils that hinder the movement of water and nutrients into the soil to the grasses roots.  Non-compacted soil will allow the lawns roots to grow deeper into the soil, thus providing a stronger plant that will withstand drought and fewer weeds.  Spring and Fall cleanup consists of raking up fallen leaves and branches that are left on the lawn, the landscape beds, and gutters we will then remove the debris from your property. 


We also offer brush hogging services for your property.  Brush hogging is the cutting of high grass, weeds, and/or small woody brush that need to be controlled.  This type of mowing is usually done a couple times a year.


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